As many countries have seen a sudden increase in coronavirus infections, some countries have again imposed lockdowns and flight restrictions to prevent their people from again growing deadly virus.

China has already imposed a lockdown due to the increase in coronavirus and the infection rate is increasing again with 50 percent capacity which turns situation in very deadly.

Hong Kong also saw a rise in coronavirus cases as Hong Kong bans travel from many international countries and advises its citizens to avoid international travel if not necessary.

Earlier many countries have been badly affected by this deadly virus, which has caused many deaths and caused huge damage to the economies of the countries, countries like Thailand, Indonesia have faced many hurdles because of the travel restrictions imposed by the governments as they are completely dependent on the international tourists.

The aviation sector is one of the biggest sectors for providing its services to the travel industries, this sector has also been badly hit in the pandemic period, as the government has allowed to operate with half the capacity of 100 per cent capacity.


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