Canada has decided to remove RT-PCR tests for fully vaccinated travelers arriving in the country, decision have come after the low down in coronavirus cases.

The new rule will come into effect from April 1, 2022. According to reports, the government in Canada has not yet made this news public, but there are speculations that this news will be made public soon.

Government of Canada has decided to do away with the need for a RT-PCR test for travelers entering the country through all three modes of transport. For those who are partially or without vaccination, the pre-admission test requirement will still be in effect.

Canada, like most countries around the world, went into lockdown and imposed new restrictions after the outbreak of the Omicron version of the virus. Now that Omicron is moving away from cities, travel restrictions are being eased around the world.

However the federal government in Canada has been more cautious about its approach to easing restrictions than the provincial governments. For example, Ontario announced last week that it would lift all pandemic-related restrictions by the end of April.

Canadian air carriers could benefit greatly from the move, as passengers will now be more open to travel to Canada. The hassle of getting a COVID test, even the cost of each test, can be a downside to travel.


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