As regular international flights resume, many people have started planning to travel to tourist destinations after 23 months of suspension of regular international flights because of the novel coronavirus.

Tourism Association of India says that many Indian citizens have started searching for destinations for their trips as soon as they hear about resumption of regular international flights. Let us tell you that in the last 2 days, there has been a lot of impact on the booking of lights, many Indian passengers have booked tickets for their destinations.

Tourism Association of India estimates that if it goes this way, about 9 to 10 million crores will be spent on tourism from India.

For the last 23 months, India had switched off its regular international flights, due to which the tourism sector and those who are associated with the tourism sector were suffering a lot, let us tell that the airlines are also working according to their 70% capacity, that's why they too had to suffer heavy losses.

Now that the Indian government has announced the opening of international flights from March 27, then flights will also run from their 100% capacity and will be able to reduce their losses and the prices of tickets have also come down.

A person making a booking has said that the ticket from India to Thailand, which was earlier getting around ₹ 23000, is now available on the airlines website for INR 17,000 or INR 18,000.

It is certain that a lot is going to come in the tourism sector from now on by opening regular flights, now let's see how much business people give to it and to what extent this fact proves to be true.


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