Let us tell you that the price of Air Turbine Fuel has increased by 2% today, which is the seventh time in this year and the biggest one, you may have to loose your pocket if you are booking air tickets.

Let us tell you that the price of air turbine fuel is hiked by 2 percent higher in which INR 2258 per liter and the price of air turbine fuel has now gone up to INR 112924 per kiloliter.

With this hike there is no increase in the prices of petrol and diesel, which have increased by around ₹6 40 paise per liter in the last 11 days.

In the month of March, the ever-increasing air turbine fuel has increased by 18.3 percent, due to which it has increased by INR 17135 per kiloliter. Air Turbine Fuel is revised on 1st and 16th of every month which is decided by the international market.

Along with the increasing prices of ATF, there is a lot of burden on the traveling passengers, due to which all the flights are becoming very expensive. All the traveling travelers and those who are fond of traveling had anticipated that the price of travel would fall on regular flights when international flights opened, but the opposite is happening, the prices of travel are increasing continuously. 

As regular international flights are now open after almost 24 months, the government should make a rule so that the flight prices do not increase much and all travel enthusiasts can plan and roam in their budget.


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