After a reduction in coronavirus cases, the world is open for tourism and travelers are starting to book their itineraries from around the world.

Many countries are easing their travel guidelines and almost every country is starts welcoming international tourists for travel and for other purposes.

Countries like UAE, are opening with full services and without any travel restrictions but on the other hand countries like Thailand and other Asian continents are opening up with many restrictions like compulsory face mask, some quarantine period and on arrival PCR tests.

The news comes from the sources that travellers have started booking their routes, but on the other hand some countries have started imposing lockdown and other restrictions in view of the rising covid cases.

So the passengers from these restricted countries have canceled their booking and despite booking at other places they have canceled outright and sought refund against their booking.

Thailand is the most famous destination for Asian travelers and many travelers easily visit Thailand but this time after survey travelers say that planning for Thailand is not an easy task as many restrictions are imposed by the Thailand Govt.


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