As all the countries have started removing restrictions on their incoming travelers due to the continuous decrease in the number of corona virus cases, similarly in India too easing restrictions for inbound and outbound international tourists.

All this can be seen by visiting Delhi airport and during a recent survey it has been found that Delhi has become the third busiest airport in the world.

The number of outgoing passengers is so much that airport staff is facing a lot of difficulty in handling. Almost all airlines have increased their staff to reduce the problems caused by this.

Let us tell you that after the opening of regular flights after about 24 months, all the Indians who live outside are going to meet them, those who live at work are going to their work, so the load has become too much at the airport.

India is slowly coming into pre-covid situation but there is still some scope in it as passengers are being made to travel with little rust.

An estimate has also been made that in 2 to 3 months all the restrictions will end, after which everyone will be able to travel without any restrictions and without any tests.

If international travelers coming to India, there are still some guidelines in which they will have to show their certificate of vaccination, they will have to undergo RT PCR test, only then they will be able to come to India.


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