To get rid of seagulls, several hotels in Venice are providing water guns to their guests. Two of the city's popular properties, the Gritti Palace and Hotel Monaco and the Grand Canal, are offering orange painted guns to guests, as orange color is repulsive to birds.

Seagulls have become a problem in the city. In Venice, they are known as Magoghe which means giant bird with sharp beak. These birds like to snatch food at any cost. Before that, the city was already struggling to control the pigeon population.

The director of the Gritti Palace, Paolo Lorenzoni, said he had tried falcons but it was too expensive. They also tried fake spinning owls, but could not scare them, but as soon as they saw the pistol, they flew away. He further added that they don't even need to be used, just put them on the table so that they can see the gun.

Sanitation and environmental expert Francesco Boemo told local media, "The huge number of seagulls, in addition to being an aggressive and annoying presence for people, represent a problem for health and hygiene, as well as for buildings and the environment."


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