The Railways had recently made an announcement saying that the new rules for carrying goods will be strictly implemented. This means that rail passengers will now have to pay extra for carrying extra baggage.

Meanwhile, the Railways has also advised people not to travel with more luggage during the journey. The ministry tweeted and said, 'If there is more luggage, then the fun of the journey will be halved! Do not travel by train carrying a lot of luggage. In case of excess baggage, go to the parcel office and book the luggage.

New rules says, a passenger traveling in sleeper class will be allowed to carry luggage up to 40 kg without paying extra. Similarly, a passenger traveling in second class will be allowed to carry 35 kg of luggage, while those traveling in AC first class will be allowed to carry 70 kg of luggage.

Also note that those found traveling unbooked or with more baggage will have to pay six times the baggage rate. For example, if a person is traveling 500 km with 40 kg of extra baggage, they can book it in a luggage van by paying just Rs 109. But, if they are caught unbooked and with extra baggage during the journey, they can attract penalties.


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