A brief fire at Baghdad's international airport on Tuesday slightly injured three people, an Iraqi official said, adding that flights remained unaffected.

Videos on social media showed flames reaching the ceiling near a check-in counter at one terminal, while the hall filled with smoke.

“The fire lasted several minutes and three people were treated for light respiratory difficulty,” the civil defense official told AFP, requesting anonymity. “The fire did not affect air traffic,” the same source added, without identifying the cause of the blaze.

Country's news agency said the fire started "in a refreshment area in the departure hall"

Conflict, neglect and endemic corruption have left oil-rich Iraq's infrastructure in disrepair. Safety standards are repeatedly violated in both the transportation and construction sectors, and accidents are a common occurrence.

Baghdad's airport has not undergone significant interior renovations since it opened in the 1980s during the era of dictator Saddam Hussein.

Late last month, a gas tanker exploded in Baghdad, killing at least nine people and injuring 13 others, in what security forces said was an accident.


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