Indian Railways has issued a new set of guidelines for passengers traveling at night.

The new rules announced by the Indian Railways are designed to make it easier for passengers to sleep on trains at night. Indian Railways has also advised all the passengers to follow the revised rules to avoid any hassle.

New Guidelines for Night Travelers; 

  1. Traveling Ticket Examiners (TTEs) cannot check tickets after 10 PM. (Invalid for passengers boarding the train after 10 PM)
  2. Middle berth passengers will be able to sleep on their berths after 10 pm. till 6 in the morning and
  3. In case someone misses a train, TTE can allot his seat to others only after one hour or after crossing two arriving stations (whichever is earlier).
While all previous rules are still in effect, the government has added a new one: No passenger in your seat, compartment or coach can talk on the phone or listen to loud music. The new rule is aimed at ensuring the comfort of other passengers, especially senior citizens.

Also here are instructions on what to do if you board the train after 10 pm. night;

  1. Not talking loudly on the phone after 10 pm.
  2. Not talking on speaker phone after 10 pm.
  3. No loud music playing on portable speaker late at night.
  4. Use headphones only to speak or have long conversations without disturbing fellow passengers.
There have been several complaints about passengers talking loudly and listening to music in their coaches. In response to these concerns, the Railways has issued new guidelines. If the passengers do not follow the rules, then action will be taken against them.


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