International travelers arriving in Hong Kong will no longer receive the 'Amber' code that was previously issued to prevent them from entering certain places. Chief executive John Lee made the announcement while announcing a drop in the use of government-mandated Coronavirus mobile apps.

Hong Kong is further easing Coronavirus restrictions, with a decision in line with other countries easing travel restrictions. The move comes in the wake of promoting the resumption of travel and business, as the said 'amber' code has also been removed, which meant people had limited access to restaurants and bars.

The government's move to cancel its mobility-tracking app that controls people's access to restaurants and places such as gyms, clubs and salons comes after mainland China dropped the requirement.

Earlier, diplomats, business groups and residents criticized Hong Kong's Coronavirus rules, saying stricter Coronavirus regulations threatened its competitiveness as well as its status as an international financial hub.

Reportedly, the strict travel rules have been affecting Hong Kong's economy since the beginning of 2020, and now there is hope for a change for the better.

Nigeria has also removed Coronavirus testing requirements for international travelers, and wearing masks is no longer mandatory on flights and inside airport buildings. Also, according to a notice given to airlines, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority said that passengers to and from Nigeria will no longer be required to undergo Coronavirus screening regardless of vaccination status.


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