UAE is setting ambitious tourism targets to attract $123 billion and 40 million hotel guests annually to its economy by 2031. To achieve this, the UAE government is introducing comprehensive visa reforms for residents and changes to tourism and transit visas and also for travelers coming into the country.

The official UAE Digital Government provided an update on visa-on-arrival availability for over 70 nationalities arriving in the UAE.

Requirement for UAE Visa On Arrival

UAE Digital Government, can obtain a visa on arrival in the UAE, while others need to apply for a visa in advance. GCC nationals do not require a visa to enter the UAE; Instead, they must present their GCC country passport or national identity card at the time of entry.

Visa on arrival is available to nationals of some countries who have an original passport held at least six months prior to the date of expiry and a round-trip airline ticket or confirmed ticket to another destination.

Visas on arrival are offered in 30- and 90-day ranges depending on the country of passport, with Mexican passport holders offered visas on arrival valid for 180 days.

Visa on Arrival For Indian Citizens

Indian nationals are also able to obtain a visa on arrival if they hold a valid passport and one of the following;
  • Visit Visa issued by USA,
  • green card issued by USA,
  • residence visa issued by the UK, or
  • Residence visa issued by the European Union.
Lastly suggests travelers to check travel guidelines before traveling as the list of countries eligible for visa on arrival changes from time to time.


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