Very soon, Bangkok will be connected to Kolkata by road from 2027. Two major cities of Asia will be connected by the Kolkata-Bangkok Highway and will enhance connectivity between India and Thailand.

The trilateral highway as a part of the BIMSTEC project could be completed within the next three to four years. The news was shared during a business conclave by the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Tuesday.

Highlights Of The Highway;

1) The road will start from Bangkok and pass through major cities like Sukhothai and Mae Sot in Thailand, Yangon, Mandalay, Kalewa and Tamu in Myanmar before reaching India.

2) In India, the highway will pass through Moreh, Kohima, Guwahati, Shrirampur and Siliguri before reaching Kolkata.

3) The highway will cover a total distance of more than 2800 km.

4) The longest stretch would be in India and the shortest would be in Thailand.

5) A portion of the highway in Thailand has already been completed.

6) The Tamu to Kalewa road of this highway will cost approximately US$ 27.28 million.

With that, get ready for the most exciting road trip this part of the world is about to take, and also there the tourism of the Thailand may grows too much because every year almost 2.5 milliion visit Thailand from Indian Nation for the purpose of tourism.


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