Skydiving is the adventure invented firstly in France and the person who done Skydiving very firstly is Andre Jacques Garnerin, he is the first person who have jumped succesfully iwth the framed parachute attached with him, the source he uses is the hot air ballon to Gondola in 1797 in Paris, Then this is come in trending for so many peoples and many of them have done successfully and many have losses their life while skydiving.

Now a days people have done it for adventure and many people have visited different country just only fot skydiving, but it is also to be kept in mind that it may cause to death of many peoples near about 0.60 percent of ll skydivers may lead to death among the world.

Hawaii, United States

In Hawaii there is a place named as Honolulu which is famous for skydiving many of the people have done skyd,iving from the different places in United States, Pacific Skydiving in Honolulu is the best amoung the whole United States, and have the special skilled divers who have a good workng experience of diing, they are famous for Airplane Tandem, High Altitude Diving which Costs between $200 to $1000.

Fox Glacier, New Zealand

It is the best Skydiving in the world as it is rated 9 out of 10 in the world of Sky Diving, near about thousands of people are visited the place just because of the natural and the most adventerous view of the Glacier, there are 2 companies working there at Fox Glacier ie, Skydive Fox and Skydive Franz both have the skilled divers and good adventeruos places but later in 2019 they both have joined and works aa Skydive Franz now, And for Skydiving there you have to pay NZ$ 150 to NZ$800.

Pattaya, Thailand

When the name adventure comes in mind then the Pattaya is also there as Pattaya is the most visited country by the tourists as there are many reasions to visit Pattaya like wild life zoo, beaches and mainly the night life of Pattaya is famous in the whole world, coming to the point Pattaya also have a Skydive at Pattaya, There the cost of skydiving is near about 11,000 baht.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Sheikhs of Dubai invented Dubai for their luxuries and entertainment they build Dubai a unique place that never to be seen in the whole world, They have all the things that can never be even imagine to be happened there, like Burj Khalifa, Palm Beach and many other things, one can avail the fun of Skydiving in Dubai also, Dubai have to places vacant for Skydiving ie, palm area and desert area, Costing in Dubai for Skydiving starts from 1500 AED to 2500 AED.

Mount Everest, Nepal

Nepal is famous for its wondering Mount Everest, there also Skydiving is done and many of the tourists have come to Nepal just to see the Mount Everest and there Skydiving is also done basically it is the world's highest peak of Skydiving. There Skydiving is done from chopper or plane the dropping zone there is Gorak Shep and Kala Patthar. It is the highest peak in the world of 8848 mts. Cosing for Skydiving in Nepal is around $400 - $600.

North Wollongong Beach, Australia

In Australia the seekers may go to George Henley Dr North Wollongong for Skydiving this place is famous for the beauty of beaches, ocean pools and coastlines, and beauty of theses beaches never beats the beauty of anywhere, Is is to be noted that there are many of the beached fom where one can enjoy the adventure of Skydiving, For Skydiving one have to pay $250 to $350 there.

Interlaken, Switzerland  

Switzerland is the dream place of every one as it is the most beautiful place ranked in the world for its natural beauty, As having the beauty it is also a necessary art for every place to fulfill all the needs of people coming there, Skydiving is done through Sea Plane at the height of about 13000 ft above the sea level, and the range of pricing there is from $400 to $700.


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