It is very common in childhood for every child that his dream is to become a pilot in future and for being a pilot it is little puzzled, sometimes the lack of guidance and sometime the lack of money and sometime the lack of eligibility to become a pilot, here we discussed that what are the correct measures to be implemented correctly that in future one should become a pilot


The very primary thing to become a pilot is one must be in a good health and have a intelligent presence of mind, minimum height for pilot is 162.5cms with co related weight as per height and leg length min -99 cms and maximum 120 cms and thigh length maximum 64 cms

For becoming a pilot one have to qualify his intermediate/10+2 examinations with science stream i e, Physics Chemistry Mathematics with minimum 50% marks, then candidate have to enrolled himself for pilot training program maximum age of for enrollment is 17 years for private pilot license and 18 years for commercial pilot license. The time of completion of course is 4-5 years depending on the flying hours


The costing in India to become a pilot is near about  50 to 70 lacs, means is not a easy job for every person to avail this costing, but many of the banks can avail education loan for this program if one do not have sufficient amount then bank is also a option for him


Indra Gandhi Rashtra Udan Academy – 50 lacs

National Flight Training Institute- 10 lacs

Government Aviation Training Institute – 50 to 60 lacs



After the completion of piloting program means having the fly experience of 250-300 hours one have to apply for pilot in any commercial or private company, the starting salary of a pilot is near about 1.8lacs to 2 lacs in commercial pilot and in private piloting one have a starting with 1.5lacs to 1.8lacs


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