On this pendamic period of COVID 19 Directorate General Of Civil Aviation have denoted by the High Court that to make the passengers folloing the rules or Aviation Sector properly, Or can say that passengers have to follow the rules that to WEAR THE MASK PROPERLY and to MAKE THE SOCIAL DISTANCING and use SANITIZERS time to time.

Many of the passengers OFFLOAD by the airlines for not folloing the rules and they have raised the complants against the airlines then it is come to note that they have been OFFLOADED for not following the rules and found unruly.

The justice have advised that to take the action against the passenegers and the also have raise a message that these passengers have also being penalised for not folloing the rules, Covid have come to its second stage then the possibility of spreading is going to its peak means the chances of spreading of COVID-19 is very high.


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