As news on privatisation of Air India comes in trending now a days. Airlines bears a loss of thousands of crore from many years and now bearing capacity of Government is almost ends this year. Now Government wants to disinvest the Only Government Carrier fully. 

Aviation Minister, Hardeep Singh Puri have stated in his statement that it is time of change, we are offering opportunities of 64 days period to the buyers they may come with their valued deals. 100 percent of the shares of Air India are available for sale as Government have to other option to sue that position. Is is a time to sale the Airline fully or to shut it down. Air India have a liability of near about 60,000 crore.

Many of the buyers have come along with the discussion regarding the deal, Government have short listed and keep their name safe with their hands, final decision comes by the May End. In 2018 also, Government have asked invertors to take 24 percent of the share in Air India but due to heavy inprofitability not even a single bidder comes along with them.

Minister also stated that the second wave of Novel Coronavirus have also stopped the airline to work with their 100 percent efficiency in summer operations but now the signals are green for the domestic flights.

Lastly they have added that the Airlines are still the safest mode of transportation in the emid of Covid-19 safety measures are the best among all other mode of transportation and precautions are also taken by the against the Coronavirus. The passengers who have disobeyed the guidelines of Airport Authhorities will be Offloaded and may Ban to travel from Aircraft for 3 months. for travelling guidelines one have to check the guidelines issued by the Airport Authorities of India before travelling


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