All we know that many of the Economies faces a worst time in the pendamic of Novel Coronavirus, some have fallen his GDP to lowest compared to past years and many of the countries have failed but now trying to geared forward their economies.

If we talk about Thailand's economy, Thailand is the most disturbed economy with the effect of coronavirus, as Thailand is a hub of tourism for many countries and near about 12.9 GDP of Thailand is derived from tourism sector recorded in 2020 which costs about four trillion Thai Baht.

Thailand have a large number of population engeged in Prostitution, near about 1 million of people are estimated. Many of the sex workers are from rural areas where they do not have sufficient eminities for their survival then they come to city as a Sex Worker to recover from their poverty. In Thailand, Pattaya is the most visited area where many of the travellers come from different countries and have spend their earnings there.

The revenue collected from Toursim sector is raising in Thailand in some previous years and from under developing country thailand moves to developing country. Tourism provide the good paying jobs to people there, many have working in bars and many as full time sex-worker, and even with freelancing they have boomed their income.

Prostitution is freely done there but it is a illegal in the Government norms, if found one have to be penalised with fine or may be imprisonment, approx 25000 people are arrested and penalised in 2019 as per Royal Thai Police. 

As compared to other jobs in Thailand, Prostitution is the best job for people there because being a sex worker one can have earned great amount with limit working and many of the girls are working in bars there who earns a beautiful amount and after that they also works as Freelances then having both the jobs doubled their income with which she can enjoy luxury and comfort life

Downfall In Thailand

Coronavirus arrives a complete break in the Thai economy, cases are not that much of high there because only 20,000 cases are recorded there and 77 deaths due to Covid-19 in complete period, the main reasion is the resrictions on International in Thailand from March 2020, the tourism industry which are enwinted with sex workers totally collapsed. Many of the areas which are known as the highest crowdy area in Pattaya are like graveyards these days, many of the bars and disco's had shutted down theit business.

But after 9 months of Pendamic, from January the economy starts to build up and slowly recovers as International arrivals are open for Thailand with some quarantine rules and in December last year Pattaya records as maximum control zones in Thailand.

As after seeing to condition of the people of Thailand the Government have decided to open Phuket from 1 July 2021 for vaccinated travellers, this may come to the boom in tourism industry of Thailand and Government have also done there preprations for upcoming travellers by vaccinated the locals of Phuket.

Pattaya will also be opened for tourism in some phases with travelling restrictions; firstly will opened for vaccinated travellers with a 10 days quarantine, the after for vaccinated travellers with a one day screening after that only vaccination is needed for entry in Thailand.  And finally in year last 2021, Pattaya will completely opens for everyone for visit.


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