In Thailand the Ministry of Tourism have declared that they will opens the tourism for the people of  56 countries in many phases slowly slowly, As Thailand is biggest tourism dependent country, depended on the tourism, After the pendamic of Corona Virus the economy of Thailand is fallen by 5 percent and it takes near about 3 years to filling the gap of this period to before the corona period, 
The Officials have commented that Tourism of Thailand is opened Thailand for Tourism in four phases, here below we have discussed the four phases.

1 April To May End

Under this phase the tourists from India, UAE, Taiwan, Singapore and Russia will eligible for relaxed quarantine rules, In this tourists are allowed to do fitness activities and also allowed to eat food from outsides.

2 June To September End

In this phase Tourists are allowed to travels in some limited areas where goverment of Thailand allowed to raom, but after the completion of 10 days quarantine they can go anywhere in Thailand,
Mainly for this one have to make their plans fr quarantine in Pattaya, Phuket and Krabi Island.

3 October to December

After completed the Vacciation Procedure, means after having the vaccine of COVID-19 one can easily travel in thailand with having the Negative certificate of vaccination after October 2021,
One day quarantine is also necessary in this Phase, but it is not a big deal for tourist.

4 January Onwards

From January onwards this phase have complete removal on every restriction, means no quarantine is required for travelling to Thailand

Many of the Toursist are waiting to open Thailand as there are many places to visit there and also the travellers from India and Many countries like the Night Life of Pattaya, Shopping Mall in Bangkok and last but not the least the Beaches of Thailand.


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