In the pendamic of Corona Virus every person of every country and every sector have suffered a losses due to non working situation of the Economy, And same to be happened with the aviation sector of Indian Economy as the have lots of Expenses to be made and on other hand they have lots of Liability to be Paid to some to Government and some to the Employees wotking with them, Here we discussed the losses of Aviation sector in Indian Economy


The leading Airline of Malaysia working as a LCC (Low Cost Carrier) in India have suffered a loss of approx Rs 1250 crore in the pendamic period, as they have boomed their revenue very fastly in India by giving the cheapest Air Fare and lead to maintain good standards in Indian Aviation Sector


India's only Government Airline Air India suffers a loss of near about Rs 3400 crore in the pendamic period 2020, statement given by the chairman of Air India Mr Rajiv Bansal, but they also commeted that their losses are improving now. And on other hand VANDE BHARAT MISSION helps this airline for recovering to their losses.


Air Vistara suffers a loss of Rs 1800 crore as they have a highly paid airlines for their operations and also have the Luxurious airlines to be carried in Indian Economy, they have to good image in India amoung all airlines as they have new and decorative planes and alsohave free meal option with them, But pendamic leads to loss for this Airline also


The most growing up airline of India InterGlobe Aviation Ltd is also suffering a loss of near about Rs 1846 crore bythe decemcer 2020, said by the CEO Reno Dutta, but as it is the Low Cost Carrier leading in India it leads to remail cuts us losses by booming the passengers, as of now it may come to know that they have reain grow their passengers to the Pre Covid Period


Spicejet is also a Loc Cost Carrier airline from India like all they have also bear a loss of Rs 600 crore in June 2020 and but is is the only airline who earns a profit approx Rs 300 crore in the Pendamic of Corona Virus, bucause they have offers a cheap fairs and also have great connection all over India and have good working prospects


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