As the main source of income for Thailand is Tourism, and in the Pendamic of Covid-19 the Tourism are almost Ends there and people of Thailand who are connected with the Tourism Industry have raise a voice in front of Government that to restart the Tourism.

Then after the detailed discussion the Minitry of Thailand have decided to reopen the tourism of Phuket for the travellers who have completed the session on Vaccination and it is to be noted that traveller must have the certificate of vaccination otherwise they are not allowed to visit there.

The Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha give the green signal to the tourism sector of Phuket that to open the area for vaccinated travellers, near about 70 percent of the population have engaged in the tourism there they have started the place for the upcoming tourists, reports Tourism Minister Phiphat Ratchakiprakarn.

This proposal is only fot the State of Phuket there, as Government have decided to open Phuket three months before rest of the country as other states will opened after three months for the vaccinated travellers.

Before the opening Government have decided to fully vaccinated the people of Phuket, near about 10 lacs doses is expected by the ministry that to be injected before 1 July 2021, said by the said by the President of Phuket Tourism Association.


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