The Honourable Supreme Court have issue a notification for all Airlines that to refund the amount of Cancelled Flights during the period of Lockdown till 31 March 2021. Many of the Airlines have refunded the amount in the credit shells of the wallet of particular person who have booked a ticket. And many have refund the actual amount in the Original Payment Mode ie Net Banking, UPI etc. But many Refunds of that period is still pending.

Firstly the Supreme Court have issued a guideline that Airlines can give the Refund in the Credit Shells so that the the passengers can use this amount in their future travelling as because the Airlines are in the Financial Distress and not being able to give the refund in Cash or Original Payment Mode. So that Airline can hold the payment till 31 March 2021, But now the Working of Almost all Airlines are Going normal So Supreme Court have give this ultimatum and passed a order about this deadline.

The Government hav introduced a advisory in last December that Airlines to refund the three-fourth of such tickets but many of the passengers still have a pendings of that time and said that no refund is bourne by airlines. In some cases it is found that Airlines have refund the amount but is is being found that refund have keptby the travel agents at their end.

The travel agents have also played a big scam in this Pendamic of Covid-19 as they have received the refund from the Airlines but they not finalise the dues to th right owner of that Amount, Many of the agents have making fool to their customers about refund as Refund is not received from the airlines and after enquiry it is found that the concerned airline have already initiate the refund in the Booking Agent's ledger.

In aspects of that many of the Airlines have giving their statements that they have succesfully refunded the amount to the original mode. Indigo is on the top of that to refund for the cancelled Flights they have done almost 99.95 percent refund as per the guidelines issued. SpiceJet declares that all of the refunds have been initiated by the SpiceJet to the credits shells and to the Agency ID of their partners.


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