The Ministry of Karnataka on 25 March have decided mandatory RT PCR for all passengers travelling to Bengaluru and from 1st April 2021 it is compulsory to show negative RT PCR to enter in the state,

This is applicable for those who are travelling to Bengaluru by Airport, Railway Station and Buses, because Karnataka have good people travel history from other States This is the very great decision made by the officials of Karnataka as the second phase of Covid-19 is coming to India very fast.

The main source of infection here in Bengaluru is people travelling from other states, as on 25 March 2021 near about 1500 cases are reported negative in Covid-19 test and almost all are the people coming from other states. The process of hand stamping is done for infected people, who exposed the virus.

The process of sanitization is also be in process at the crowdy places to control the virus and hospital information on availability of Beds and ICU is done online anybody can check that information for proper cure.

Karnataka Health Minister Dr. K Sudhakar also advised people that to maintain social distancing and take precaution regarding the infection like uses of Masks, Gloves and Sanitizers.


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