As the increasing cases of Covid-19 day by day Delhi Government have started to do the random RT PCR test at the major places where a large amount of people are gathering together and have a changes of spreading the virus more then that. The major places like Airport, Railway Station, Bus Station have more chances of infections as there are many people coming from different places, and now a days crowd are at its peak just because of the festivals Holi, Shab-E-Barat and Navrtara. The safety measures have also to be placed at crowdy areas like Mall, Multiplexes and Shopping Areas.

Delhi Government have advised to have the random RT PCT on the private vehicles also, The District Megistrates and Police Authorities have also ordered to strictly follow the instructions. The Center Government have declared that vaccination fot the people above 45 years will starts from 1 April 2021.

The cases in Delhi is increasing day by day as the average rate is near about 1000 cases per day, and 1100 cases are reported yesterday. Four persons are died in last 24 hours, and the number of active cases is approx 4000.

In Mumbai itself the Ministry have restricted the celebretion of Holi as after seeing the record breaking figures of Covid cases that booms upto 3500. Any one found disobeying the rules may be penalised under section 144 CrPc(Criminal Procedure Code) this section is used to prohibits the gathering of people and gathering of over four people, maximum punishment in this section is four years.


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