After the rise in Air Travel Fare by 5 percent Government is now deciding to make the increment in Aviation Security Fees which increases the amount of ticket, before that on 1st September 2020 amount of Aviation Security Fees is increased by the Government,

Aviation Security Fees is paid by the passengers, from 1st April the amount of Air Security Fees for Domestic Passengers is Rs 200, which is Rs 160 now and International Passengers have to pay Rs 870 from 1st April, which is now Rs 380.

Recently Government have issued a notification to increase the Domestic fare of Lower Limit by 5 percent, the reason behind this increment is increasing price of Air Turbine Fuel. In Feb also the the Government have decided to increase the price band by minimum fare to 10 percent and maximum fare to 30 percent

Last Increment in September 2020

Previously the Government increases the Aviation Security Fees for Domestic Flights in September 2020 by Rs 10, as before the September it is Rs 150 then after increment it comes to Rs 160. All the Airlines have to deposit this amount to the Government which is use for the safety of Airport and Passengers travelling.

This fees is exempted for some categories like Infant who is below 2 years, Diplomatic Passport Holders, On duty Airline Crew and for Transit Passengers who have a connecting flight with in 24 hours.

Lower and Upper Fare Limit Ends After April 

The Government during the pandemic of Covid-19, have fixes the lower and the upper limit of Air Fare which is categorized in 7 categories, there categories are fixed as per the duration of flights, First category is for the flight below 40 minutes of journey, Second category is for the duration of 40 - 60 minutes of travelling, Third category from 60 - 90 minutes, Fifth is from 120 - 150 minutes, Sixth category from 150 - 180 minutes and Seventh from 180 - 210 minutes. which is now going to be exempted after April Last.


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