Cases of Novel Coronovirus are increasing rapidly again in India. The Uttarakhand Government on Wednesday issue a new travel guidelines and imposed restriction on travellers. New guidelines issued by the Government of Uttarakhand come into the effect from April 1, 2021.

As per new Guidelines, all individuals travelling from Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajisthan, Haryana, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, Karnataka, Punjab, Kerala and Maharshtra by any mean ie; by Railways, By Airways or by Bus are advised to carry negative RT-PCR test report at the time of entry in the state and test is not old more the 72 hours.

The rules are imposing on the persons of states mentioned above and also on the residents of Uttarakhand coming from these states, it is mandatory for all to strictly follow the norms of social distancing and safety as per the Guidelines of  MHA, MoHFW and State Government.

If anyone found violating the rules shall be liable to put proceed under provision of DM Act 2005, Epidemics Act 1857 and the section of Indian Penal Court. No restrictions are applicable on local individuals to travelling with-in state.

The Uttarakhand Government also advised to all people above 65 years, person with asthamatic disease, children below 10 years and pregnant women to travel only in very urgent situations otherwise they are advised to stay at home. 

The Goverment also brief all the State Officials to maintain complete arrangements for rapid testing of COVID-19 for all the travellers entering through airports, railway stations, bus stations and also from borders. If any one found positive then, the currently prevailing SOPs shall be followed for further care.


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