With the rapid hike in the cases of Covid-19, Delhi Government has start issuing the challans of Rs 2000 for the travellers who are violating the protocals at Indira Gandhi International Airport during travelling. After the increment in Covid-19 cases in India, many of the air travellers compainig that on Airports protocals like wearing a masks, maintaining social distancing are not following strictly.

Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) have started issuing a challans of Rs 2000 in favour of the individuals who are violating the norm inside the airport. Government in his official statement denotes that ten enforcement teams were founded, under which four teams were in Terminal-2 and six team were in Terminal-3, near about 70 persons were being issued challans per day.

Near about 850 flights are operating as average at Delhi Airport in both terminals, air trafic is around 70-75percent as compared to pre-pendamic. Delhi Disaster Management Authority had ordered to make a random test at airport, near about 1000 people are being tested daily in which 2 percent people found daily. Positive individuals have to undergo for quarantine at their heir place of stay or CHG/CCC/Hospital for a duration of 10 days.

Passengers are being tested at arrival hall of both terminals ie; T-2 and T-3. Inside airports teams of civil defence and lab techniciaans were placed and passengers are informed about the Covid-19 testing while they have arrived at airport and are giving option to get tested.


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