As the surge of Covid-19 cases in the country as well as in the state are increasing with a blow and many people have lost their lives in this pendamic.

Many of the countries have imposed the ban on indian flights arriving with passengers from India and many have make the lockdown in countries tpo prevent peoples from infection of coronavirus.

Second wave of coronavirus hits India very badly as in last 24 hrs near about 3,50,000 cases found positive and highest death counts.

Chandigarh's Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh has requested people to avoid non-essential travel and local movement in order to contain the spread of the disease and arrest its further spread.

Minister says, "We cannot let the situation in the state to go out of hand. Our daily cases are currently ranging around 5,500-6,000 with over 10 percent positivity in the last one week. There are already signs of stress on the health system with increased demand for oxygen."

"The state Chandigarh is also receiving persons from neighbouring states for treatment, some of whom may be relatives of our people. In such a scenario, it is important that we collectively fight the pandemic together." 


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