After the sudden boom in cases of Novel Coronavirus in the state, the Maharashtra has declared another lockdown. Strict lockdown has imposed in Mumbai to break the chain of infection. On Sunday near about 50,000 cases recorded in Maharashtra and 11,000 alone comes from Mumbai.

The process of breaking the chain of infection in Maharashtra is remain continued till April 30, 2021. It includes daily night curfew, weekend lockdown and some of the restrictions will be apllied soon.

Theses restrictions includes the following protocals:

1) Complete lockdown on weekends.
2) All restaurants, theatres, multiplexes will remain shut.
3) All public and private transport won’t be stopped but no standing passengers in buses and outstation trains. Only two passengers will be allowed in auto rickshaws.
4) No one can leave their house between 8 PM and 7 AM without any valid reason.
5) Section 144 to be imposed through the day and night curfew.
6) Beaches, parks and other public places to stay shut between 8 PM to 7 AM
7) Malls, theaters, multiplexes, swimming pools, gyms and market places to remain shut till April 30
8) Restaurants will be only allowed for takeaway and parcels between 7 AM to 8 PM.
9) All the religious and worship spots to shut for visitors, only priests and staff will be allowed.

The government also announced that where five or more then five people found positive in Covid-19 test, those area will be declared as containment zone and entry in that particular area willl completely restricted.

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