As after seen the sudden hike in cases of coronavirus in India, Patna Airport Auhority also required a negative RT-PCR report from all passengers arriving from Kerala, Maharashtra and Punjab.

DM of Patna, Chandrashekhar Singh has written a letter to the director of the Patna Airport to ensure mandatory checking of negative Covid-19 (RT-PCR) test report on the arrival of travellers to Patna.

Chandrashekhar Singh said, "Passengers coming from Maharashtra, Punjab, and Kerala are supposed to show a negative test report, issued not late than 72 hours before one’s journey. As these states have witnessed the highest number of Covid-19 cases recently, we are keeping a strict vigil on passengers coming from these states to curb the spread of Covid-19"

"Those who fail to produce RT-PCR test will have to undergo Covid-19 test at the airport and they will be allowed to leave only after testing negative. Airlines are also directed to inform flyers to go for 10 days home quarantine after arrival" he added.

Daily capacity of Patna Airport is of approx 85 flights which carrying 10,000 passengers

Officials Of Patna Airport says, "As per guidelines issued by the Airports Authority of India, all passengers are undergoing rapid antigen test upon arrival. In case any passenger traveling from the above-mentioned states fails to furnish a negative Covid-19 report, they undergo a Rapid Antigen Test at the airport. If they are found Covid-19 positive, they are being sent to institutional quarantine and further medical care is provided to them"


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