Delhi Govt has decided to put the weekend curfew in Delhi to break the chain of infection. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced that Delhi will remain under curfew for weekend, Essential activities and services will be allowed with curfew passes.

Malls, gyms and spa's will be completely closed and cinema will be allowed with a third of the capacity. Eating outside will be banned and only home deliveries of food will be allowed. Weekly markets will be allowed but with some restrictions.

Arving Kejriwal said, "These restrictions are for your sake, for you and you families. It will be inconvenient but these restrictions are necessary to break the chain of transmission"

He also said, "Don't panic. All essential services will be available through the weekend."

Announcement was done by CM Kejriwal after meeting with Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal and top officials earlier today.

In Delhi there is 17,282 fresh cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday in the highest single-day cases in the Delhi since the pandemic started. The figure makes Delhi the worst-hit city in the second wave of infections throughout India.

Approx 100 deaths were reported yesterday.

Mr Kejriwal lastly said that lockdown is not the best way to stop the spread of the coronavirus and that it would be enforced only if the "hospital system failed" in Delhi.

Doctors say the death rate is high because people are coming to hospitals "at the very late stage." However, many queuing up at Delhi hospitals and complained that hospital have a low beds. 


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