Qatar announced fresh rules for all passengers traveling or transiting through Qatar, As per the new rules all passengers travelling to Qatar, including those who previously vaccinated or previously infected, must present a negative RT-PCT test at the Indian departure airport.

Moreover, the RT-PCR test should be a validated and certified medical test result from an ICMR accredited laboratory conducted within 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of arrival in Qatar. And it is also noted that QR code on report is mandatory to be there.

New Arrival Rules For Qatar From Today

  1. Effective from 29 Apr 2021 All passengers arriving or transiting Qatar, who have been in or transited through India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines need to present a negative RT-PCR test taken within 48 hours before their scheduled departure time from above countries.
  2. The testing centers must be approved by their local health authority (for India – ICMR approved labs); no one should be allowed to board unless a valid certificate is provided regardless if vaccinated against Covid-19, presence of immunity as a result of COVID-19 infection within the past 6 months, age, or health condition.
  3. All passengers from the said countries must undergo a repeat COVID-19 PCR test in hotel quarantine or Mekhaines facility within one day of flight arrival.
  4. All passengers from the above countries must undergo 10 days quarantine in a dedicated quarantine facility, or 14 days if quarantine is at Mekhaines facility, regardless of previous vaccination or immunity against Covid-19; No one is allowed to use private quarantine for these passengers.
  5. All of the established criteria for hotel/home quarantine exemptions DO NOT APPLY to travelers from the above countries.
  6. Government employees from the different ministries and other governmental entities on official missions that are 72 hours or less will be subjected to the current protocols that are approved by MOPH.
  7. Medical Escort will be allowed to board the aircraft but they will be subject to conditions stated above in points # 1 to 4 on their return to Qatar.
  8. All passengers transiting through Qatar must have the mandatory pre-travel PCR test as mentioned in point 1.
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