Spain has now announced new rules for travellers arriving from India as the country faces the worst COVID-19 crisis in the world.

Government Spokeswoman, Maria Jesus Montero said that Spain is going to enforce quarantine for all those who are coming in from India. While there are no direct flights from India to Spain, this rule is for travellers who are reaching Spain via another country. The mandatory quarantine is going to be for 10 days for travellers from India, apart from Colombia and Peru, along with nine other African countries.

India’s battle with COVID-19 this year is a worst one, as it is dealing with new variants of the virus and everyday is a new record as far as COVID cases, and deaths. The healthcare facility of the country is struggling to help the large number of patients that are in urgent need of help. During such a time, numerous countries have banned travel to and from India, or have imposed strict protocals.

"This is a measure which our country has already adopted towards passengers from countries where a virus variant has been found." Maria Jesus Montero said at conference.

Spain has announced medical aid material for India to help with the situation. The minister promised more than seven tonnes of medical aid to India to be delivered soon.


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