Tamil Nadu Government on Saturday evening announced that to break the chain of novel coronavirus all public gathering events like gyms, cinemas, recreation hall, public auditorium will be closed from 4am on April 26.

Officials said that all mall, gyms and big gathering places where interaction from one to another is happened will not be allowed.

Public worship will not be allowed as the chances is more in the process of worship, only the priest and the staff of temple will allowed to maintain the normal process of worship. The permission will me granted to allow only pre-scheduled events with only 50 members.

Official release said "However, grocery and vegetable outlets in commercial malls are disallowed. Departmental stores are allowed without airconditioning, but only 50% of customers should be permitted"

Beauty parlour, spas, saloon will not be allowed to operate.

Take aways services will be allowed for hotels and restaurants. Sit and dinning is not allowed in hotels. Door deliveries in hotels and lodges will be allowed to work while having a pass issued by the concerned authority.

E-commerce services shall be allowed to work in the allowed timing.

In wedding event only 50 members are allowed and in funeral only 25 members are allowed.

Private companies are allowed to operate with 50 percent of the total capacity and rest to operate as work from home.

Sports and training activities are not allowed to operate

Except Puducherry, all those coming from states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala should register in http://eregister.tnega.org.


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