After seeing the cases of coronavirus Delhi Government has imposed a lockdown in Delhi from April 19 which ends on tomorrow, but cases are still increses with a bad figures so as to break the chain of infection official have given a sign of extention on lockdown for a week.

Official statement of Delhi Govt stated that we are imposed lockdown for breaking the chain of infection but not condition is worst as of now, may we will extend the lockdown for a week.

As per yesterday's report of Health Ministry, Delhi hits the highest number of death toll to 357 in a day and near about 24000 new cases found of coronavirus.

In last 24 hrs the rate of cases who are hospitalised is counts to one lack, and 22,695 have been recovered from the infection. In last 24hrs, 74,702 people have been tested and 35,455 people have given the vaccine against Novel Coronavirus.


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