Hyderabad zoo confirmed coronavirus in 8 lions. In animals it is firstly found case in India. At Nehru Zoological Park 8 lions were found positive with the coronavirus, After the RT-PCR test of these lions it is confirmed by the zoo officials.

Dr. Siddhanand Kukrety, who is the care taker and director of Nehru Zoologocal Park, has neither confirmed nor denied the fact of news. Instead he said, "It’s true that the lions showed Covid symptoms but I’m yet to receive the RT-PCR reports from the CCMB and hence it will not be proper to comment. The lions are doing well."

Last year, lions in New York were found COVID-19 positive. Dr. Shirish Upadhye, Director of city’s Wildlife Research & Training Centre said that after Bronx Zoo, there haven’t been any such cases anywhere in wild animals. But the virus was found in dogs and cats at Hong Kong.

As per the zoo, wildlife workers in the park found symptoms in four male and four female lions. The symptoms were loss of appetite, nasal discharge and coughing. The wildlife veterinarians got worried so the management asked them to collect samples against covid-19.

Samples of these lions were collected by the vets and were sent at testing facility in Hyderabad. Among the 12 lions, eight tested positive. after that the management closed the zoo for visitors.


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