Kuwait Government is barring unvaccinated residents to travelling abroad starting from 3rd week this month. The attempt were made to break the chain of novel coronavirus infection spreading in world very fastly.

The officials decision to make it implemented from May 22, make a confusion in the whole country as Health Ministry said that there is a short supply of vaccine and then with that there is a delay in the second dosage of the vaccine.

Those who received the first Pfizer-BioNtech dose have to wait six weeks for their second dose, and Oxford-AstraZeneca recipients must wait 3-4 months. The government said those unable to get the dose for any reason would be exempt from the new travel ban. Already, authorities have banned the entry of expatriates into the Gulf state, including many foreign workers and their families.

Kuwait has enforced many restrictions like night curfew still it is recorded 277800 cases of covid-19 and 1590 deaths.


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