As per the new protocals of Dubai, vaccinations against Covid-19 are now mandatory for those who will be attending live events in the city. All people who might wish to attend cultural, sports, arts, social, and other such events will must be fully vaccinated.

Those who wish to see live events will also have to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test report. So this means only vaccination is not enough. The negative test must be taken must not be older then 48 hrs. Not just viewers, but also participants of live events are required to get vaccinated as per to Dubai Govt protocals

In the Dubai, the process of vaccination is moving with a sudden speed. United Arab Emirates has already vaccinated more than 78.11 percent of the population upto 16 years of age.

Also, 84.59 percent of people above 60 years of age have completed the process of vaccination. Still it is not clear how many of these have completed the full process of vaccination.

Dubai is one of the most attractive destinations in the UAE made by the sheikh's, and as more and more countries are reopening for tourism and getting vaccinated seems to be the only sure way to travel safely from one country to another.


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