Komic village located in Himachal Pradesh gets fully vaccinated to people upto the age of 44 years with the vaccine against covid-19.

Recorded as highest village in the world, Komic is located in the beautiful Spiti Valley at an altitude of 15500 ft. The residents were also active in following the government health guidelines to protect themselves against COVID-19. 

Villagers left their home only to attend their farm works. All the individuals, above 44 years of age, have now completed the process of vaccination. As the village is small and remotely located at hill location, it has done a appreciable task by achieving a vaccination rate of 100 percent to the population there.

This village has one of the highest roads, located at an altitude of 14400 ft, and also has the world’s highest post office. As per reports, 101 people were vaccinated above 60 years of age, and 150 residents were vaccinated twice between 44-50 years.

Completing the process of vaccination is also a tough job as Komic is situated at very high altitude and health team do not have any experience to perform such a challenging job like this but as we all knows that if there is a hope there is a win, Health team surely perfoem their duties well and vaccinated the people there completely.


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