Sudan is the latest country to ban travellers from India. As per reports, Sudan has decided to ban travellers who have been to India in the last 14 days. Sudan Health committee has announced this since the COVID-19 situation in India has hit population there badly.

Wearing a masks are complusory in Sudan at workplaces, public transports, and in markets.

Sudan is also also worried about its own COVID-19 crisis, as the health emergency committee has warned the Sudan could exceed the 1 lack mark by mid-June, if proper restrictions were not in place timely.

India already recorded 25 million cases this week, as the spread of the highly contagious B.1.617 variant becomes a cause of crisis. India is also seeing a large number of deaths due to this new variant of coronavirus.

Health system of Sudan is under big stress as the pandemic is resulting in a shortage of hospital beds, medicines, and even oxygen. Other restrictions are also in place, such as travellers coming from Ethiopia, and Egypt are to be tested against COVID-19 on their arrivals to the country.

It has been comes in knowledge that schools and universities are to be closed for 30 days in Sudan, and large gatherings, and mass prayers are to be strictly ban there. All these rules are being put in place with the hope that the virus will be removed completely.


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