As the cases of coronavirus not comes to downfall in the state. Maharashtra Govt announced that the current lockdown will extends till June 1, 2021.

In a cabinet's meeting this announcement was done after discussion on the current pendamic situation. Lockdown were imposed in state from Aprl 05, 2021 and were supposed to end on May 15.

As per guidelines, private offices, non-essential shops, and establishments will ordered to completely closed.

Chief Secretary Sitaram Kunte announced that travellers arriving from the other states are required to produce the Negative RT-PCR report otherwise they will not be allowed to enter in the state.

Government said, "Milk collection, transport, and processing may be allowed without restrictions through its retail sale be allowed subject to restrictions imposed on shops dealing with essential items or through home delivery"

In trucks and lorries only two peoples are allowed to travel in the state.

Orders said, "If the carriers are originating from outside Maharashtra, they will be allowed with a negative RT-PCR test report issued within 48 hours before the time of entry into the state and will be valid for seven days"


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