The variant called as Indian-variant which is more dangerous then previous one is now been identified in 26 out of 53 countries in the Europe region.

World Health Organisation's Europe Director Hans Kluge warned that as to prevent themself from the variants of novel coronavirus international travel should be avoided and also stressed that the authorised vaccines do work against the new variant.

Hans Kluge said, "Right now, in the face of a continued threat and new uncertainty, we need to continue to exercise caution, and rethink or avoid international travel" he also added to his statement that international travel may lead to spread the transmission of COVID-19.

"All Covid-19 virus variants that have emerged so far do respond to the available, approved vaccines," Kluge said, adding that all Covid-19 variants can be controlled with the same public health and social measures used until now.

Till now only 23 percent of people in the European region have received a vaccine jab, with just 11 percent having had both jabs, Kluge said, as he warned citizens to continue to exercise caution.

Finally he said the worth words, "Vaccines may be a light at the end of the tunnel, but we cannot be blinded by that light"


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