The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has now updated its travel recommendations. The organization has relaxed travel recommendations for more than 110 destinations.

Lastly, the CDC ranked countries at Level 4, the highest level. But 61 of them have been reduced to Level 3 on the danger scale.

According to CDC's Level 3 recommendations, fully vaccinated travellers can travel to 61 countries, but with great caution.

Ecuador, South Africa, Russia, Mexico, Switzerland, Ukraine, France, Hungary, Italy, Honduras, the Philippines and France are currently included in the Level 3 list. Japan was also added to the list after the Tokyo Olympics to be held in July 2021.

On the other hand, the CDC also rated 50 countries and territories at Level 1 and 2, including Israel, South Korea, Belize, Iceland, Singapore and Albania.

However, it is reported that not all recommendations were updated since "flight availability, restrictions on US citizen entry and barriers to receiving COVID test results within three calendar days".

Europe has opened up for the summer holidays, however there are restrictions above to keep in mind when it comes to US citizens wishing to travel. While it is now easier for vaccinated travellers to enter a country, some countries are also allowing entry to travellers based on RT-PCR test reports. Again, the test should be only 3 days old from the date of admission.


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