Just because of the pendamic of novel coronavirus. We are living in a kind of fear, and still having great dreams and aspirations for our lives. In such a situation, only one question arises in the mind that where to live? Which city is the safest to live in during this pandemic ? 

Meanwhile, where can we have a high standard of living, and how well can we live? These questions are answered for at least 2021.

A new report by the Economist Intelligence Unit has found a New Zealand city to be the best city to live in right now. New Zealand's Auckland has topped the global rankings as the most livable city. Unfortunately, the Austrian city of Vienna, which enjoyed first place in the year 2018 and 2019, no mention in the top ten cities this year. This happened since the pandemic hit Austria badly. The survey was not conducted in the year 2020.

Osaka in Japan was ranked second this year
, and fourth in the 2019 survey. Australia performed extremely well in the latest survey, with Adelaide in third place, Perth in sixth and Brisbane in 10th. Melbourne, on the other hand, finished eighth in Switzerland with Geneva.

The survey looked at five broad categories, sustainability, culture and environment, education, health care and infrastructure. New Zealand has some of the toughest lockdown rules that enable the country to reopen, and allow its citizens more freedom than other countries.


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