Goa Ports Minister Michael Lobo has made it clear that Pubs, Bars, Clubs in Goa will not resume untill the covid-19 situation in the state is under control. 

The minister stressed on the fact that it is important to save people's lives, and further mentioned that it will take at least a year for the economy to recover from this pendamic.

Lobo said, "Goa is a world-famous destination for its nightlife. The nightlife has been shut down due to covid-19 curbs and I feel that it should continue to remain closed till the covid-19 situation in the country comes under control."

Goa is mainly known for its nightlife and party culture, but the beaches here seems deserted after the pandemic. Although the state of Goa saw little tourism earlier this year, it was criticized after it was recognized that tourists were violating the covid protocol.

Lobo said his statement that everyone has seen their close friends die due to COVID-19, and they should be careful.

He also suggested that tourism in Goa should be opened in a phased manner, giving top priority to those activities which are less likely to spread the virus. Hotel guests will be asked to show the vaccination certificate, and must obey with all state rules and regulations made by the state.


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