Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India provides assistance to Indian students studying abroad who are stuck in India due to covid-19 pandemic.

 MEA Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi in a tweet said, "Indian students studying abroad but stuck in India due to COVID-19 and related issues can get in touch with the OIA-II Division at @MEAIndia."

Ministry issued a series of guidelines to help students find appropriate guidelines to return to their regular course at the earliest.

 The Ministry of External Affairs suggests all the students stranded in India to follow the steps given below to get assistance from the Government of India.

1) Get in touch with India’s ministry of external affairs if you are facing mobility issues due to the ongoing pandemic.

2) Send your coordinates, i.e. email id and mobile number, to the OIA-II division of the ministry.

3) The emails for the OIA-II division where the students should send their coordinates to are: and

The announcement comes after several students studying in India were stuck due to travel restrictions or flight suspensions imposed by several countries.


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