Finland, long known as the happiest country in the world, is now offering travellers new tourist destinations with added security, privacy and excellent outdoor experiences.

Inaugurated on June 1, the Baro Archipelago Hotel is located in Inku, Finland, just an hour from Helsinki. The boutique hotel offers 20 rooms that have panoramic views, a private sauna, and a hot tub. It is offering contactless check-in, check-out and activities.

Kuru Private Resort in Saimaa, Finland will be the region's first adults-only resort. This August, it is set on Lake Saimaa and offers its guests a deeper connection to nature without the modern distractions like TV or Wi-Fi. The retreat will offer ice fishing, ice swimming, hiking and seal spotting excursions.

Haltia Lake Lodge in Helsinki's Nuxio National Park will open this summer 2021. It is committed to sustainability, and has banned plastics from the resort, runs entirely on renewable energy and is committed to carbon negativity by 2023. It will offer unique experiences such as a kayaking excursion, an expert-led birding excursion or a snowstorm survival simulation.

Near the coast of Helsinki is Mazamaja, a coastal nature lover's retreat that's off-the-grid. Featuring a modern Scandinavian design, the single cottage will be available for accommodation from July 1, 2021.

Located in Payaha, Lapland, Sunday Morning Resort is a tranquil lakeside vacation spot near the area's skiing lodges and national park. The resort is carbon neutral and is surrounded by six acres of forest. Electric snowmobile excursions and electric fat bike tours are just two of the carbon neutral activities guests can enjoy.

Another resort in Lapland is located near Rovaniemi, called Olero Eco Lodge. Nestled on the banks of the Aunasjoki River, this lodge enjoys main cottages, sleeper cabins and glass igloos. Designed with local style but built eco-friendly, the lodge offers plenty of activities all year round and boasts great views of the Northern Lights.

Lastly, the Lake Hotel Lehmonkarki, located in Asikala, invites guests to enjoy the hot spring baths and stays as adults-only mirror houses. The hotel also has a private beach, as well as skiing and hiking experiences.

Kristiina Hietasaari, Head of Visit Finland says, "Visit Finland is eager to welcome travelers back to the Happiest Country in the World. We cannot wait for you to explore our forests and lakes, sea and cities, saunas and cottages to find your happiness and calm. Our destinations are doing their utmost to ensure that your experience with us is safe, healthy and comfortable. We don’t yet know exactly when we’ll be able to welcome you, but we are hopeful that it won’t be too long. See you soon ! "


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