India's Ministry of External Affairs is expected to remove various travel restrictions and restrictions imposed by other countries on Indian arrival. The said ban was put in place as India witnessed a downfall number of covid-19 second variant cases.

The havoc wreaked majorly by the covid B.1.617 variant led many countries across the world to restrict arrivals from India.

While some countries barred travellers who had come to India in the 2 weeks prior to their arrival in the country, others made quarantine mandatory for those coming from India. Such restrictions were imposed on India's neighboring countries Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many more.

Now that India is witnessing a downfall in the number of covid-19 cases, the Ministry of External Affairs is hoping for some relief in travel restrictions from other countries.

Ministry of External Affair's spokeperson confront the media in a virtual meeting, and stated that, "When Covid-9 second wave began, some countries imposed temporary travel restrictions on India. We expect that these restrictions should be lifted when situation normalizes. We saw some countries started this process of easing restrictions, other countries should do the same we expect."

Some of the countries imposing this restrictions are United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Philippines, Oman, Maldives, Kuwait, Italy, France, New Zealand and many more.


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