The Philippines has extended its travel ban imposed earlier this year. The ban comes after the highly contagious variety of covid-19 dominated the world. The Philippines has therefore extended the travel ban for travellers from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

As per the Spokesman for the President of the Philippines, Harry Roque, the travel ban has now been extended until June 30, 2021. The spokesman said the extension of the travel ban has been approved by President Rodrigo Duterte.

The travel ban was initially imposed on India on April 29, 2021 during a time when India was battling an outbreak of a deadly coronavirus that has infected many people. The country's frontline workers were working overtime to contain the outbreak. The Philippines then banned travelers from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka on May 7, 2021.

The Philippines has imposed further restrictions on arrivals from Oman and the United Arab Emirates on 15 May, 2021. The decision was taken after Filipino workers arriving from these countries tested positive for coronavirus. Not only this, the passengers got infected with the delta variant of the virus.

Philippines has reported 13,22,053 confirmed cases and a total of 22,845 deaths. The delta version of the virus can spin things out of control as it has already done elsewhere, especially in India.


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