The annual fair of Tarnetar, also known as the Tarnetar Mela, has been cancelled for this year to prevent any further spread of coronavirus. It is held in Tarnetar village in Gujarat and celebrates the marriage of Arjuna and Draupadi of Mahabharata.

The big event was also cancelled last year, when coronavirus entered India. Gujarat has banned the gathering of more than 400 people, which has also led to the cancellation of the fair.

This annual event is celebrated in the village for three days in August-September. It is widely famous and attracts a large number of devotees and enthusiasts from across the country and the world.

It celebrates the rich culture and diversity of the state, and the three days are filled with folk performances, music, dance and more. It also brings together young tribal men and women who are looking for partners.

The famous Raas dance is a major attraction of the event. Reportedly, hundreds of women are seen dancing at the fair. It also attracts many sadhus from across the country, many of them participating with folk musical instruments in tow.

The gathering for the fair has been cancelled, the Trineteshwar temple will remain open for devotees. All the devotees have been instructed to follow all the coronavirus protocols and SOPs prescribed by the government authorities.


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